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8 Habits of Supremely Happy People

It is often said that happiness is a choice. While life naturally throws up all kinds of challenges, it is possible for people to remain optimistic and content in spite of it all. For those who have achieved true happiness, certain habits and characteristics tend to come up time and again in their lives. Here are 8 habits of supremely happy people.

1. They practice gratitude. On a daily basis, supremely happy people remind themselves of the things they are grateful for. This can be anything from their relationships and possessions, to simply being alive and healthy. By taking the time to recognize what is good in life, we take ownership of our happiness.

2. They are optimistic. While it’s true that happy people recognize reality, they never stay stuck in a negative attitude. They seek to remain upbeat despite life’s challenges.

3. They practice mindfulness. Being in the present moment helps us to enjoy life instead of worrying about the future. Happy people make a point of slowing down and savoring the little moments that make up life.

4. They spend time with others. Surrounding ourselves with those we care about and take joy in helps us to feel connected and content. Whether it’s a spouse, family member, close friend, or even simply someone we meet in passing, these moments of connection are essential to living well.

5. They stay active. Supremely happy people make sure that physical activity and movement are a part of their lives. Exercise releases endorphins, which have been proven to have an overall calming, mood-boosting effect.

6. They nurture their spirituality. Whatever form it may take, a spiritual practice helps to bring peace and hope to our lives. From yoga and meditation to prayer or even simply a walk in nature, meaningful spiritual practices offer a greater connection to the Divine and to ourselves.

7. They give back. Those who have achieved true happiness understand what a gift life is, and take joy in helping others. Whether it’s volunteering or taking part in charity work, the act of service to those less fortunate than ourselves helps to cultivate true contentment.

8. They strive for balance. Supremely happy people strive for harmony in all spheres of life. Whether it’s career and family, work and play, or simply making sure to properly nourish the mind, body, and spirit, finding balance is an essential key to living fully and joyfully.

Although this list could continue on, these 8 habits are found again and again in the lives of supremely happy people. By cultivating these attitudes, anyone can reap the many rewards that come with real, lasting contentment.

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